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By Wellness Warrior John Derlis

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The Cool Kid on the Diet Block
Intermittent Fasting:

Say goodbye to traditional diet woes and hello to the trendy Intermittent Fasting craze! This fab method isn't about starving; it's about shaking up when we chow down. Forget the food police - with Intermittent Fasting, we can still enjoy our fave treats while keeping the scales happy.

Unlike those grumpy diets that make us feel like we're missing out on life, Intermittent Fasting is like a BFF that our body actually enjoys hanging out with. By hitting the pause button on eating for a while, our body taps into its fat stores for energy, making weight loss a breeze.

And the perks don't stop there! Intermittent Fasting isn't just about shedding pounds; it's a superhero against nasty diseases like diabetes and heart issues. Plus, it's the muscle-friendly diet champ, with most of the weight loss coming from fat instead of our precious muscles. So, if you're tired of diet drama, maybe it's time to give Intermittent Fasting a whirl and join the cool kids' club!

Unlock the Benefits of the 36-Hour Fast 

Dive into the world of the 36-Hour Fast for a fresh take on weight loss and shedding that stubborn belly fat! Want to level up? Try fasting twice a month for even more jaw-dropping results.

If you're a fasting newbie or need a boost in the hunger-control and energy department, there are some nifty supplements to make the fasting journey smoother and the outcomes even sweeter.

The gurus at Athletic Kulture swear by the Hydramino EAAs complex for a turbocharged 36-hour fast, ramping up energy, electrolytes, and hydration, especially when paired with H2 Water.

This advanced fasting game plan not only brings a wave of health perks but also leaves you feeling like a superhero post-fast. It's like hitting the reset button for your body!

By giving your body a break from its usual energy source and tapping into ketones, you're not just burning fat but also triggering a deep clean at a cellular level. It's like a detox party where old, worn-out cells get the boot, making way for fresher, healthier ones that boost your organs, tissues, and immune system. Let the cleansing begin!

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Athletic Kulture Supplement Store next to there Café serving up healthy foods and shakes, has everything you need for a fair price (discounted for members) is my go to place for optimizing all my fitness and nutrition efforts

Feature Supplement: Ultimate Daily Cleanse (1000g Fiber) I highly recommend you visit AK's Supplement Store and get on the Ultimate Daily Cleanse regimen expertly formulated for superior GUT HEALTH.

  • DIGESTIVE HEALTH SUPPORT: A premium blend of fiber, essential fats and dairy-free probiotic for a healthy immune system

  • 16 G OF FIBRE:  Each serving provides a gut-healthy blend of six fiber sources: Canadian flax, psyllium husk, organic quinoa, organic chia, organic pumpkin and organic sprouted brown rice. One serving provides 50% of the recommended daily value for fiber.

  • 6.5 G OF EFAS: Essential fats help sooth the gut for a gentler effect while also providing joint, heart and general health benefits.

  • SOY, DAIRY, WHEAT AND GLUTEN-FREE INGREDIENTS carefully chosen free of soy, dairy, wheat and gluten.

Expanding Horizons with IMPACT LIFE Coaching:  As part of my continuing education, I am working towards obtaining holistic health and wellness certifications. My ultimate goal is to eventually provide Fitness and Nutrition Life Coaching Services. Currently, I am offering demonstrations of the Tyent H2 Wellness Water Ionizers. If you are interested in learning more and experiencing the healthiest water in the world first-hand, I would be happy to meet you in person. Additionally, we can chat about your Fitness and Nutrition goals, and if you're a fan of Impact Live, maybe some music too!   >> Request a DEMO 

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