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The Healthiest Water in the World!

Healthy, ionized alkaline water from a Tyent H2 Water Ionizer delivers the same benefits as the pure and revitalizing spring water (not the bottled type) that can only be found in the most sacred mountain top regions on Earth. Tyent H2 Water Ionizers are made to closely replicate the process of how spring water is naturally created, and therefore provides the same therapeutic properties and health benefits of natural spring water.

Tyent H2 Wellness Water has more molecular hydrogen (H2) and antioxidants per glass than any other natural drinkable substance. Many health professionals worldwide recognize Tyent ionized alkaline H2 Water as a medical breakthrough. Numerous professional athletes and Olympic gold medalists are reaping the rewards, including more stamina, faster recovery and improved sports performance.

What is a Tyent H2 Water Ionizer?

A Tyent H2 Water Ionizer is an electrical water transformation device that turns ordinary tap water into healthy, ionized alkaline water (called Tyent H2 Wellness Water"), which is full of powerful antioxidants and molecular hydrogen.


Many of the major scientific advancements over the centuries that have been discovered by numerous doctors, scientists and engineers have been incorporated into the science behind Tyent H2 Water Ionizers. In fact, there are over 1000 clinical studies that prove that Tyent H2 Wellness Water works!

Health Values & Benefits

We always recommend eating a healthy alkaline diet. However, we understand that our busy lifestyles can sometimes make it difficult to stay on track.


Here's why making the one easy change of switching to Tyent H2 Wellness Water makes so much sense. Our bodies are about 75% water, so instead of guzzling acidic beverages, simply drink better water, like Tyent H2 Wellness Water to help prevent many health problems.


Many people tell us that they feel better than ever and have more energy when they drink Tyent H2 Wellness Water. Tyent H2 Wellness Water helps fight acidity and toxins at the cellular level. 


Tyent H2 Wellness Water provides many other amazing benefits like molecular hydrogen (H2), which has anti-aging properties as well as a long list of other advantages that include sustaining bone strength and promoting heart health.


You'll be happy to know that increased hydrogen in the body is historically known for fueling energy levels and increasing mental alertness, clarity and concentration.

What About Weight Loss?

Many people do not realize that unhealthy, acidic toxins are stored within fat cells in the body. Tyent H2 Wellness Water has hydrogen that stimulates energy metabolism, which helps cleanse the body and allows the cells to release stored fat.


In addition, Tyent H2 Wellness Water encourages beneficial probiotics in the digestive tract, creating a detoxifying effect that will help cleanse toxins from the body to promote colon health.


Tyent H2 Wellness Water helps the body maintain its calcium, magnesium and potassium reserves to help buffer excess acids and rid the body of fats. We receive many testimonials from customers who have experienced weight loss from this phenomenon.

Why Drink Anything Else?

Can you picture how great you'll feel with all of these miraculous health benefits?

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