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ABOUT IMPACT LIFE: Hoping To Inspire Well-Being

At Impact Life, having fun and prioritizing a healthy lifestyle is now my new gig! As a seasoned event guru with decades of party-throwing magic under my belt via Impact Live, I'm adding a new chapter to my book of life bringing folks together to celebrate health and wellness.

My love for health began way back when I studied Physical and Health Education at the University of Toronto. Fast forward 35+ years of rockin' and rollin', and my passion for wellness is stronger than ever given a recent health scare you can read all about within My Story. It's what drives me to help you achieve your better health goals in a way that's preventative, fun, and sustainable.

"Let's do this!"  -  JD


Wellness Warrior

MY MISSION For years, I've been living life to the fullest, indulging in all the goodness there is to offer and throwing some killer parties along the way (you're welcome!). But, as the years passed, I began to feel a sense of responsibility to encourage others to prioritize their health, just like I have. And let me tell you, it's been a game-changer for me! With retirement on the horizon, I want to enjoy my golden years with vigor and vim. So, let's raise a glass to healthier choices!

PREVENTION IS THE KEY Many people don't fully appreciate their health until they become sick. I believe that there is no better time to take action than now! 

Introducing my Health Improvement Plan that transformed me into a Wellness Warrior!

1) EXERCISE REGULARILY: Find an exercise routine that you enjoy and stick with it. Regular physical activity can help manage weight and reduce stress.   >> Fitness Tips 

2) BALANCED NUTRITION: Aim for 80% of your meals to consist of healthy options and allow for 20% indulgence to maintain a sustainable approach to eating swapping out mindless snacking with effective hydration (see #4). Conscious Alcohol Choices: Opt for light beer and lower sugar wines. Moderation is key.  >> Nutrition Tips 

3) EMBRACE FASTING: Adopting a time-restricted eating window, such as noon to 7pm and occasionally extending fasting periods (24-48 hours) can have positive impacts on metabolism and overall health.  >> Fasting Tips 

4) INITIATE EFFECTIVE HYDRATION supporting overall health, mental clarity, and physical performance. Extreme Molecular Hydration (H2) achieved through advanced hydration technologies like water ionizers, can positively impact blood pressure, cellular health, toxin elimination and disease prevention.  >> H2 Wellness Water 

Expanding Horizons with IMPACT LIFE Coaching:  As part of my continuing education, I am working towards obtaining holistic health and wellness certifications. My ultimate goal is to eventually provide Fitness and Nutrition Life Coaching Services. Currently, I am offering demonstrations of the Tyent H2 Wellness Water Ionizers. If you are interested in learning more and experiencing the healthiest water in the world first-hand, I would be happy to meet you in person. Additionally, we can chat about your Fitness and Nutrition goals, and if you're a fan of Impact Live, maybe some music too!  >> Request a DEMO 

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